Enhancing Your Smile

Smile Makeover

Making improvements to your smile can be very simple with perhaps a visit to the dental hygienists for stain removal. It can also be quite a complex treatment plan involving replacement of missing teeth, teeth straightening, tooth whitening and cosmetic bonding.


It is important to first assess your concern and truly understand what you do not like about your smile and what you would like to change.


Our team will discuss all the options with you and together we can plan a transformation that you will be delighted with. Smile makeovers often require a multi-disciplinary approach using various cosmetic dental techniques. Because of this, we are delighted to offer various finance options to help cover the cost of your smile makeover.

Start Your Journey

Book a Virtual Consultation

We use SmileMate which allows us to analyse your teeth simply from photographs in order to assess if you need cosmetic dental treatment.


If you are a good candidate, our dentists will work with you to put together a treatment plan remotely through virtual consultation, utilising the latest AI and technology. Upload your photos to see how achieving your perfect smile is more convenient than ever.