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Lip Fillers

Being able to sculpt the perfect pair of lips is quite an art. An understanding of both the anatomy and the correct proportions are both required. A balance of science and art!


Dentist, Dr Harmeet Grewal has studied extensively to be able to offer this service and plump lips safely and predictably with a beautiful outcome. The perfect shape and definition take time, Harmeet will discuss your requirements with you so you can achieve the natural shape you are looking for.

We use Fillmed products at The Grove Practice in Leamington Spa. These use Hyaluronic Acid fillers that are a natural constituent of your own body’s collagen. They are from non-animal sources and will naturally dissolve over a period of three to six months, depending on amount injected and position.


Fillmed products also include a local anaesthetic to increase ease and comfort of injecting.


Lip fillers can also be used as part of a more general non-surgical face lift procedure. To find out more please contact us.