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Guided Biofilm Therapy

GBT is a modern approach which aims to eliminate all biofilm on teeth, implants and soft tissues. This gentle and soft therapy uses AirFlow technology to remove harmful plaque and bacteria also known as BIOFILM from the mouth, providing a thorough dental clean which is comfortable for the most sensitive teeth. GBT is highly effective, minimally invasive and is safe to be used on dental implants, bridges, crowns, veneers and orthodontic appliances.


Developed in collaboration with universities and dentists, EMS has delivered a protocol designed to treat biofilm and maintain healthy teeth over time. GBT is a new, advanced way of delivering pain free hygiene treatment, with no pain reported in 95% of treatments.


GBT is the systematic, predictable solution for dental biofilm management in professional prophylaxis using state of the art AIRFLOW, PERIOFLOW and PIEZON technologies. It is proven by scientific evidence.


GBT consists of treatment protocols based on individual patient diagnosis and risk assessment in order to achieve optimal results. The treatment is given in the least invasive way, with the highest level of comfort, safety and efficiency.

guided biofilm therapy

Step 1


Full gum health examination:  Screening for Gingivitis (bleeding gums), Periodontitis (gum disease) and halitosis (bad breath). Caries (tooth decay) risk assessment.

Step 2


Make Biofilm visible: Use of an organic dye to highlight and record biolfilm (plaque) present on the teeth. The colour will guide biofilm detection and ensure 100% removal.

Step 3


Bespoke Oral Hygiene Advice: Personalised instruction to suit your needs and achieve optimum oral health status.

Step 4

Warm Airflow

Remove Biofilm and Stains using Airflow: We use a warm gentle spray and soft antimicrobial powder to gently wash away biofilm, plaque and stains from all surfaces including teeth, dentures, implants, restorations, tongue and gums leaving a super fresh and biofilm free mouth.

Step 5


Remove Biofilm from under the gums: Where required, we use a slender, bendy Airflow nozzle to gently navigate around implants and into gum pockets. This painless procedure delivers the antimicrobial powder under the gum line where bacteria resides.

Step 6


Remove remaining calculus and tartar: This minimally invasive instrument is used with warm water to gently remove any remaining calculus (calcified plaque) deposits.

Step 7


Assess and protect: A final check of the teeth once clean and free from stains & debris. A clear gel or paste is applied to provide a protective fluoride coating and replace essential proteins.

Step 8


Clinician will discuss the findings from your GBT visit and establish a recall a frequency that’s right for your needs.

Your Hygienist

Sophia Spriggs

BSc (Hons) Dental Hygiene and Therapy, NVQ L3 Dental Nursing & VRQ L3 Dental Nursing City & Guilds 2010

Sophia graduated in 2018 with a first class honours in Bachelors of Science in Dental Hygiene and Therapy. She first began her career in dentistry over 10 years ago as a dental nurse, gaining additional qualifications throughout. During this time, she realised that she wanted to work more directly with her patients which led her to follow her passion to become a dental hygienist and therapist.


Sophia is passionate about all aspects of dental hygiene and therapy and takes pride in providing a caring, relaxed but professional approach with all patients. She works hard to be at the forefront of her profession and has a strong commitment to keeping up to date to provide patients with the best techniques  and treatment that modern day dentistry has to offer.


Outside of dentistry Sophia enjoys spending time with her little boy Louie, friends and family. She also enjoys taking her two dogs out for long country walks.

GDC number: 205773


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