Check my Teeth

Family Dental Care

All the family are welcome for treatment at The Grove Practice in Leamington Spa. From the very young to the old, our team are well trained and caring to respond to their needs.


We believe that early dental experience sets the path for the future and if we can help make those early appointments fun and relaxed then there is a good chance your child will journey into adulthood free of dental disease.

With a focus on prevention of disease, we spend time to educate you and your family to ensure minimal dental problems. As children grow and develop we will monitor their changes and if necessary arrange for treatment for teeth straightening (orthodontics) when the time is appropriate.


We do not have an NHS contract for children but do not charge children from 0-5 yrs of age for their checks. For older children we have affordable plans to allow them to receive the very best preventive care including visits to our dental hygienists and therapist.