Replace Missing Teeth


Dentures are used to replace teeth from a single tooth to a full arch. They are removable and are not meant to be kept in place permanently. Modern dentures can both have great aesthetics and provide good function.


Whilst some may feel dentures are a little old fashioned, they still have their place. They can help provide support to all the facial muscles and replace the support structures to teeth in a way that dental bridges cannot.

Add to that new techniques and advancements in dental materials, dentures made by our skilled, award winning technician, will look and feel great.


They can be made with a soft lining to help cushioning when you have little supporting bone left. Dentures can also be made in a flexible material to help fit around bony segments and thus help retention.


Dentures are still used as an interim restoration when placing dental implants and have a place to play in our more complex treatment plans.