Restore my Teeth

Dental Veneers

Veneers are used to cover and reshape a tooth, usually a front tooth in the smile. The thin veneer covers the entire front surface of the tooth to improve the aesthetics and sometimes the position of the tooth.


We construct veneers out of tooth coloured composites or porcelain. Composite veneers tend to be a temporary measure or perhaps even a trial to show how we can change teeth. It is usual to use porcelain or Emax for permanent veneers in conjunction with our dental technician.


We are fortunate to work with an award winning dental technician whose ceramic work is of the highest quality. This ensures we can match in with existing teeth or achieve a new aesthetic result that provides you with a smile to be proud of.


Dental veneers, once constructed in the laboratory, are then fixed into place with special adhesives permanently. Veneers will give many years of service when looked after and maintained.