Check my Teeth

Oral Health Assessment

An Oral Health Assessment is the first stopping point on your journey to great dental health. Many know this term as a dental check up but we prefer Oral Health Assessment so you can understand it is so much more than just checking teeth.


We start by understanding your concerns and problems, you may have anxieties relating to past dental experiences, again we will discuss those in detail with you. We want you to be relaxed and at ease in the dental chair and will spend time to get to know you and earn your trust.

Our OHA then comprises of checks on your jaw joint, the inside of your mouth including checking all the soft tissues for early signs of mouth cancer. Mouth cancer spotted early is much easier to treat and has a better outcome and for this reason alone we still advise six monthly visits for assessments.


We will fully assess your gums for gum disease, past and present, and of course check your teeth.


It is usual for all new patients to have photographs taken plus a scan of all the teeth and supporting tissues. This is very straightforward and allows us to be able to show you a three dimensional image of your own teeth on the screen. This is very useful and helps you understand what treatment needs to be carried out and why.


For a full description of what to expect at your first visit please click here.