Enhancing Your Smile

Cosmetic Bonding

Modern advances in techniques and materials allows us to use tooth coloured composite restoration materials to sculpt and shape teeth to our desired result. Using this technique of cosmetic bonding we can make quite amazing changes with no damage or loss of the tooth surface.


Cosmetic bonding is very commonly used at the completion of a tooth straightening treatment and also in conjunction with a tooth whitening treatment.


We also use cosmetic bonding as a way of assessing cosmetic changes with veneers or crowns before embarking on the full treatment. It allows us to be able to show you what the finished result may look like.

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We use SmileMate which allows us to analyse your teeth simply from photographs in order to assess if you need cosmetic dental treatment.


If you are a good candidate, our dentists will work with you to put together a treatment plan remotely through virtual consultation, utilising the latest AI and technology. Upload your photos to see how achieving your perfect smile is more convenient than ever.