Replace Missing Teeth

Dental Bridges

A dental bridge is a permanent solution for a missing tooth or several missing teeth. At The Grove Practice, you have choice of 2 options when it comes to dental bridge treatment:⁠


  • Fixed Dental Bridge
  • Adhesive “Maryland” Style Dental Bridge


1. Fixed Bridge: This may be used when teeth on either side of the gap have already been crowned or have fillings.


2. Adhesive “Maryland” Style Bridge: If the teeth on either side of the gap have had little to no treatment, this minimally invasive option is a great solution – we believe in preserving your natural teeth as much as possible.

Once the teeth are prepared, our award-winning technician will construct the bridge in our laboratory. Crafted with precision, your dental bridge will blend seamlessly into your smile.

Both types of dental bridge treatments require a second appointment to fit into position permanently. We will show you how to best care for the bridge, and make arrangements for regular dental hygiene reviews to ensure your new smile is in great health!